Educational Programs

Clock Hours

A “Clock Hour” is defined as a 50 minute period of time during which the student has access to theory or lab, with an Instructor. All class lengths stated include breaks, review time and meal time when applicable.

Curricula Policy

At LiveIT Academy, our faculty and staff plays an important role in developing and continually reviewing and reassessing the curricula. In order for LiveIT Academy to meet the growing demands in the field of Information Technology and retain its students, the school’s Faculty and Staff  participates in the development of new curricula to maintain current industry standards, while reviewing and reassessing any new changes in the industry.

Program Outline Policy

A written class outline and a list of competencies required for successful completion of each class is given to all students before or on the date of the first class meeting.

Evaluate Student Policy

At LiveIT Academy the company owners are two Instructors who are qualified and experienced in their related subject and materials. LiveIT Academy instructors evaluate students in each program or class, including independent study classes to ensure the students are meeting industry standards and students are prepared to sit the industry standard certification offered by Microsoft and Cisco.

Credit For Previous Training

Credit for previous training is evaluated by the Academy upon receipt of official transcripts from an accredited institution. If transcript is not in English, then it must be translated by an approved credentialing agency. Transferred credits will only be accepted for classes that match the content to a program offered at the Academy. The class must also be completed with at least a grade of C to be awarded credit. There is a one time fee of $150 to review transcript.

The number of transfer credits is determined by the Academy, and any adjustment to the students record will be made. A combination of transfer credit cannot exceed 25% of program student selected to take.

Course Numbering

The course numbering system uses six or seven alphanumeric identifier, three/four characters represents the program and a three digit number represent the order in which the classes are scheduled. The prefixes are characters representing the program. The suffixes are numbers that represent the sequence taught in the industry.  All classes are numbered in correlation to an industry certification offered by Microsoft or Cisco exams.


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