About US

Company Ownership

LiveIT Lab is owned and operated by Mr. Donald Maxwell and Mr. Johnny Garchelin. This business is established as a Limited Liability S Corporation.  LiveIT Academy is currently a non-degree school, which is owned and operated by LiveIT Lab.  Its principals, Mr. Maxwell and Mr. Garchelin, have had a combined 20+ years in post secondary education with practical experience in supervisory, administration and teaching related programs offered by The LiveIT Academy.  Mr. Maxwell and Mr. Garchelin are both Chief Education Officers of LiveIT Academy.


Mission Statement

The LiveIT Academy offers available training for aspiring IT Professionals through our programs developed internally. Students receive the right mix of hands-on and theoretical training in an atmosphere conducive to training. LiveIT Academy provides organizations with the skills to improve job impact, for employees to gain industry-recognized certifications, and drive better results for their business. Organizations improve their return on learning investment and accountability on training dollars with increased employee skills and satisfaction.

A highly skilled workforce is a strategic differentiator and employees learning and development is critical to drive growth and sustain a competitive advantage.